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Meet Mark

Mark Grantham is a motivational speaker who reaches out with a passion to inspire organizations at all levels. In 2006, at age 24, Mark became a quadriplegic due to a debilitating accident. He discovered that his ability to move forward, coupled with life lessons garnered, made him uniquely positioned to inspire others.

Mark is an ideal candidate to promote education of disability, adaptability, and enthusiasm to his audiences. Mark's presence as a wheelchair user, paralyzed yet with an unmistakeable passion for life, fills the room. Mark's talks are uplifting for his audiences, as he both describes and models his undeniable belief in everyone's innate potential while embracing challenges.


Mark gives people lasting insight, using his own story to enlighten others. "I desire to push people beyond what they believe are their limits," he says. "Many think they can't do this before it happens, and then they do."

Mark is a graduate of Evangel University, has worked in higher education, and is a self-employed insurance representative. He prides himself on being an individual of integrity and in being both personable and professional. He has served on various boards in the Springfield community including as President of the Board of Directors for Empower: Abilities in Springfield, MO and the Patient Advisory Council for the Cox Health System in Springfield, MO. He has provided motivational speaking to universities, high schools, churches and various health care systems and institutions.

Ever Changing World

The world in which we live in is quickly changing. Our jobs are changing and life as a whole is changing. The most important thing to remember is that none of this is going back to the way it was or has been. So how do we help ourselves accept our new reality and move forward with purpose and confidence while keeping a deep feeling of gratitude?

Mark Grantham has had to learn a completely new reality in a short period of time. He pushes people to think beyond their present situation and to think about getting back up, getting going and to push forward with enthusiasm. He desires to inspire and show people that they do not have to let challenges stop them from enjoying success throughout their lives!

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