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Mark Grantham’s powerful story and love for the outdoors transcends physical barriers. His inspiring story and passion to live life to the fullest, reminds us to utilize our abilities to focus on the things we CAN DO and creatively mitigate physical and mental limitations in life. He connected to our audience honestly with positive energy. We are grateful for his presentation and recommend that others have the opportunity to listen and be inspired by him!


Amy Vaughan - President - Missouri Occupational Therapy Association

Mark Grantham recently spoke at our university’s “Life Talks Luncheon” program. He was magnificent. In an articulate, authentic, and compelling manner, he described his own journey from a tragic accident which left him facing quadriplegia to a new life focused on his strengths, not his limitations. In a beautifully simple way, he reminded us that we have a choice to focus on the limitations of our lives or to claim the special gifts which God has given to each one of us. He is a "don't miss" speaker with a message and a style of presentation which can change lives for the better.

Dr. Peter Browning - Professor of Religion and Chaplain - Drury University

Mark spoke at our annual meeting and not only was his message relevant and insightful, but he left every one of us feeling uplifted and inspired. Mark's genuineness and intelligence result in a wonderful ability to connect with people. His perspective on disability, coupled with his determination to move past his injury to lead a successful and full life, has made him a role model for the population we serve.
If you are looking for someone to have a positive impact on your group or organization, Mark is your guy.

Shannon Porter - CEO - Empower Abilities

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark through the Leadership Academy program to provide high school students exposure and interaction with developing leaders and established community leaders.  While the students meet with many companies and business leaders over the course of the program, the students uniquely connect and are so inspired by him that they continue to ask me about him years beyond their participation in the program. Mark’s optimism and outlook on life are a much needed reminder to all of us that attitude is key in overcoming any obstacle in life. I feel I am a better person for knowing him.

Jamie Fields - Manager of Membership Development - Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce

"Mark faces challenges most of us cannot understand and he describes his true thoughts and feelings in the midst of this journey. His transparency can speak to every person’s decisions while enduring life’s struggles. I highly recommend Mark to speak to any audience. Anyone listening will grow from hearing his story even when life turns itself inside out."

Steve Pulis - Signature Events Director - CONVOY OF HOPE

"I have known Mark Grantham for many years. He is a passionate young man who loves the outdoors and loves people. Since suffering a debilitating injury several years ago, he has devoted his life to encouraging others to overcome life’s challenges. He does this by motivational speaking, and by helping others to experience outdoor activities despite their physical limitations. He has been an inspiration to countless people, including me."

Richard Hammar - Legal Counsel to the Assemblies of God

"At an end of the school year celebration, I brought in Mark Grantham to motivate and encourage the students as they moved forward in their education.  I was seeking a speaker that could show students how to overcome adversity themselves, and use people as resources to assist them—not avoid the obstacles. Mark Grantham’s excitement was contagious.  I thoroughly appreciate how extremely conscientious he was to gather input to be sure and gear his speech towards the audience’s needs—not his own.  Mark was extremely professional, easy to understand, and his presentation was absolutely inspiring.  He was able to use his real life challenges to relate to struggles that his audience may face, and encourage them that they have what it takes within them to meet and beat anything they face—as long as they meet it and don’t try to avoid it. Mark’s message was spot on with our students. I would call Mark again without hesitation, and I absolutely recommend him as a public motivational speaker."

Dr. Lynne Miller - Principal, Springfield R-12 Schools

"Mark is an outstanding individual in every sense of the word. He is a passionate outdoorsman, whether it be fishing, hunting.....I've had the pleasure of knowing him for over five years, and am always awed by his outstanding attitude and passion he possesses throughout successfully accomplishing his endeavors."

Thad Cheaney - Natural Resources - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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